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Nfamus Metal Tejas 2 - Link Rear Kit

  • $ 669.99


The Tejas 2 link.... Its what most people think is all we do in Texas. Most of the time we push the 3 link wishbone setups because of how well they function. But we do believe there is a place in this world for the 2 link suspension. I always recommend the 2 links on SUV vehicles because of the ability to retain floor space. A Properly setup 2 link will last you forever and function just fine on a daily basis. We built this kit more like a universal style setup so we can tailor it to the customers needs depending on their vehicle. The bars are measured from center bushing hole to the center pin on the link bar. Link bars are constructed of 2x2 square tubing with a 1/4 wall thickness. The Axle saddles are built to your axles specs and CNC cut and broke out of 1.4 inch mild steel. We also send a track bar with this kit and the hardware needed to attach the track bar between the two link bars. By attaching the track bar to the link bars this provides the triangulation needed to keep the axle centered under the vehicle when the axle is traveling up and down. The track bar comes with 1 LH chromoly heim and tube end and 1 RH chromoly heim and tube end. Having opposite thread heims allows you to adjust the axle left to right and dial in the suspension perfectly. Bag Mounts are also provided to allow you to run the bags on the link bars. By running the bags on the link bars this maintains an excellent ride with plenty of lift.


2 - Notches (Optional)

2 - 2 Link Bars (Built to customer specs)

2 - U-Bolt Plates

4 - U Bolts and hardware

1 - Track Bar Tubing

2 - Heims and Tube Ends (LH, RH)

4 - Track Bar Tabs

2 - Axle Saddles

2 - Universal Bag Mounts with gussets

1 - Hardware kit

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