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Little Shop MFG. S10 No Notch, No Toe Steering System

  • $ 575.00

Replacement steering system to reduce the toe-out associated with bagged/lowered S10s.

- When used with drop spindles, no frame notch is required for tierod clearance up to a 27" OD tire, and over that only small notches are required (unlike the large notches required for stock tie-rods)

- Allows for a low ride height

- Reduces tire wear

- Makes additional clearance at the edge of the wheel to the fender

- Tubular construction adds function and good looks

This system works with both stock arms and all major brands of aftermarket arms that use factory length dimensions (Thor Bros, MMW, RideTech, Choppin Block, etc). If changes have been made to the stock control arm lengths then that will of course affect geometry. Contact us with any questions concerning application and fitment.

View Installation Instructions Here

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