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Level Ride Air Suspension Height & Pressure Kit

  • $ 1,200.00

Features Include:

  • 4 Ride Settings: Air Out, Ride, Low, Lift
  • Voice Control
  • Ride height on start option
  • Back up button that brings the vehicle to ride height when 12.6 volts and necessary air is available
  • Brake monitor to prevent unwanted micro adjustments when braking
  • Terrain sensing detects as little as 1" in uneven ground to prevent instability caused by cross jacking
  • Jump start and dead battery protection
  • Accuracy options of 3%, 5%, 8% for initial set-to height
  • Level Ride continuously makes adjustments to maintain a 1% accuracy of your current ride height setting
  •  Calibration logging when WiFi is available for enhanced troubleshooting assistance

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