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Illusive 98+ Ford Ranger Raised Transmission Crossmember

  • $ 79.99

This listing is now for the new Gen2 crossmember which is a one piece design, invented by Illusive Design & Fabrications to be a lower cost alrernative to our old multi piece design.  *****FREE SHIPPING*****

How to Install:

Put your truck on jack stands or a lift.

Loosen up the transmission mounting bolts.

Use a jack to raise the transmission up to clear the stock crossmember.

Unbolt the stock crossmember and remove.

Remove the fuel line clamp, the center of the plastic should just slide out and the clamp release from the frame.

Slide the new crossmember into the C channel in the frame from the driveshaft forward and put the bolt into each frame rail, do not tighten all the way. (make sure to pay attention as to which way the transmsission holes are offset when removing the stock crossmember)

Lower the transmission down onto the new crossmember and tighten up all of the mounting bolts, and reinstall the fuel line clamp into the frame.

Depending on the year truck and which motor it has you may need to bend the exhaust hanger up that comes off the side of the transmission. Some trucks could require modifying the exhaust in rare occasions.


98+ Ford Ranger 2WD Transmission Crossmember. These crossmembers are CAD designed, are CNC cut and, press brake formed out of 3/8" P&O steel. It fits into the C-channel on the frame, and bolts into existing frame holes. This crossmember provides the maximum possible exhaust clearance while allowing you to lay true frame. 

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