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In Stock! - Air Suspension Design Book, Vol 1 - Paperback

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Volume 1 – Link Based Rear Suspension - Paperback

The first installment of the Air Suspension Design book is focusing on airbags and rear link-type suspensions. The general concept for the book is on proper link geometry as a whole while defining some terms and more complex concepts, like bag theory and leverage ratios, that are quite often ignored during the design process. The book will also have a small handful of vehicles featured with different suspension designs to help show how certain designs lend themselves better to different space availability. Of course, a chapter on bad habits will be included as well.

Keep in mind that this book will not tell you what suspension to use on your particular vehicle – instead, it will explain how to make these choices for yourself. There is no universal answer to the question “what type of suspension should I install on my vehicle,” but we are going to do our best to help you determine that based on each vehicle’s confines and the expectations of the ride type.

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