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AccuAir Endo-VT 4-Corner 5 Gallon Tank

  • $ 899.95

AccuAir’s patent pending ENDO-VTTM takes streamlined appearance to an entirely new level by integrating the solenoid valves and manifold directly into the air tank end caps themselves. The ENDO-VTTM also represents AccuAir’s next generation of solenoid valve technology that includes VFCTM (variable flow control) in addition to D.O.T. approved fully filtered and rebuildable ffPTCTM (fully-filtered push-to-connect) fittings. The 3-gallon version has a 2-corner valve-cap on one end of the tank while the 5-gallon version has a 2-corner valve-cap on each end providing 4-corner control.


  • Includes the solenoid valves and air tank all in one easy to mount package.
  • Available in 4-corner and 2-corner configurations.
  • Built-in VFCTM (variable flow control) adjusters allow for end user adjustment of the speed of each corner and each direction individually. The result is a vehicle that will always move up and down level from front to rear and at the speed is desired by the end user.
  • Built-in D.O.T. approved and rebuildable Push-To-Connect fittings
  • Filtered Ports: ffPTCTM (fully-filtered-push-to-connect) air fittings eliminate the risk of debris-induced valve problems common with all other solenoid valves on the market.
  • Robust solenoid architecture tested to over 10 MM cycles of operation.
  • Modular and bolted construction eliminates leaky welds and makes disassembly possible for upgrades.
  • Extruded internal rails house embedded mounting locations along the tank providing clampless attachment of ENDO-MountTM brackets and accessories.
  • The only DOT Approved Aluminum air tank for air suspension. Certified to 200psi and tested to an incredible 1324psi burst pressure.

Includes black nickel plated fittings and a built-in 400 psi blow-off valve to ensure safe use.

  • Included ENDO-QRTM quick release mounting system allows easy installation and even easier air management assembly outside the vehicle.
  • Bottom or top mountable.
  • Industry standard "5-gallon" (30 inch) or "3-gallon" (20 inch) sizes to choose from.
  • Available in raw aluminum or finished in multiple anodized options.
  • Made in the USA with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Upgradable with all other ENDOTM Technologies now or in the future.

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